External Audit Services

External Audit is at the heart of our practice. The company prides itself on exceeding, rather than just meeting statutory requirements by assisting clients in achieving maximum efficiency and maximum return. Nkonki Audit Division specialises in the provision of value added recommendations during the process of coming to an opinion on the soundness of financial statements. Furthermore, the division provides clients with assistance in overcoming potential problem areas by addressing issues as they arise.

Risk Advisory Services

The increased awareness in both the private and public sectors of the importance of good corporate governance, effective risk management and internal controls, has resulted in a rapid growth in the demand for quality Internal Audit, Corporate Governance as well as Enterprise Wide Risk Management and Compliance Services.

IT Assurance and Advisory Services

The digital era has become a reality, Information and Technology is intertwined with business processes and this has significantly increased complexity and dependency on Information and Technology. As with King III, King IV also amplifies the significant impact of Information Technology on corporate governance and the business processes of an organisation. King IV principle 12 specifically outlines that the purpose of the IT Governance is to “to support the organisation to set and achieve its objectives”.