AACC Public Sector 28 September 2016

Victor Kgomoeswana

Victor Kgomoeswana is the author of the book Africa is Open for Business (PanMacMillan, 2014) and the anchor of the daily business insights radio show - PowerHour on PowerFM 98.7. Before PowerFM, he was a weekly commentator on African business on 702 for seven years, as well as on SAFM and KayaFM. He was also anchor of  the anchor of Africa Business News on CNBC Africa in 2014 and 2015. He writes a weekly column on African business for Sunday Independent and for African Independent. 

He advised several multinationals on their African business strategies, while he was part of EY's Africa Business Centre and has spoken at over 100 events on African business over the past 2 years.