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ESKOM crowned the best in Integrated Reporting

ESKOM crowned the best in Integrated Reporting ESKOM crowned the best in Integrated Reporting For the second year running, Eskom has been named the winner of the Nkonki SOC Integrated Reporting Awards 2013 (based on 2012 Reports), which recognise the top performers in terms of strate...
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Audit Committees

Qualitative Survey

Qualitative Survey It is always important to let the wise lead the way, this is no different for Audit Committees. Boardrooms are occupied by more experienced and less experienced Audit Committee members and Nkonki wished to facilitate transfer of skills between the tw...
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SAM Framework postponed to 01 January 2016

The full implementation date for the Solvency Assessment and Management (SAM) framework has been postponed to 1 January 2016.  This has been influenced by the stakeholder concern around uncertainty around the key areas of the framework and the a...
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JSE Highlights areas of non-compliance on Financial Reporting

The JSE commenced a process of reviewing Annual Financial Statements (AFS) for compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards from 2011 and  capacitated itself through a partnership with University of Johannesburg. The intention ...
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Business Continuity

New Business Continuity Standard ISO 22301

A new Business Continuity Standard ISO 22301 has been approved by the ISO Technical Committee to replace the current BS 25999 standard on Business Continuity. This was launched on 15 April 2013 by the International Standards Organisation (ISO), as it...
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Corporate Governance

JSE Listed Companies Corporate Governance Requirements tightened

The King Code on Corporate Governance expects Companies to Apply or Explain. This has made it easy for the companies to indicate areas in which they are complying and explaining on their areas of non-compliance. The JSE in collaboration the IOD ha...
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